Paul Chaplin

Pauls Beach House

Paul Chaplin is a The Entrepreneur finalist with a story to be told. Having planted and help establish Gateway Church in Mt Edgcombe at the end of 1999, Paul and his family left Umhlanga to settle in Salt Rock in 2014.  Later in the year, burdened with financial hardship, Paul wanted to give his wife something special for Christmas. As money was tight, he decided to make a big family table, using old scaffold planks.

And Paul has not looked back since. To his astonishment, word got out about his beautiful, custom-made masterpieces and before he knew it he was delivering tables to clients in Zimbali (!), among others.  

Paul’s Beach House Furniture is designed to evoke happy memories spent with family and friends on beach holidays – taking you back to barefoot walks along the shoreline, collecting shells and driftwood, or a balmy summer evening spent around a long table laughing and having fun.

Every furniture piece is unique – custom designed to the customers specifications.

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